Designer of Industry 4.0 Enterprise models

Job Type: Part time with fulltime perspective

Modality: Remote worker, wiling to develop new knowledge skills

Application areas: Manufacturing and service enterprises, Assets Management and Monitoring, Urban systems and Services in Transportation, Energy, Water, Waste, Argo-Industries, 

Looking for new challenging profession and qualifications for the digital millennium of smart everything and robot invasion which business and industry will need in the near future?

Want to gain a competitive advantage in achieving success and prosperity in view of new digital transformation trends?

We have vacancies for such new profession: Intelligent Industry 4.0 enterprise model designer to develop and implement specific custom models of novel integrated manufacturing systems. Using interactive tools on your computer and PharosN development platform and having the vision of the target industrial cyber-physical system, you shall plan and implement its custom model, tune it to specific requirements and properties of target processes that take place in interlinked physical and virtual worlds.

The models shall be linked to optional data sources such as sensors, IIoT, diverse automated manufacturing systems e.g. computer-integrated manufacturing, digital modelling and fabrication, industrial control, intelligent maintenance, SCADA, Service 4.0 maintaining the integrity of production processes. Relevant data stream simulators can be used for educational purposes as well.

After final testing, the computing models run as multiple interlinked engines transforming their data streams into custom information services for monitoring and controls and enabling holistic vision of the industrial processes, statuses of its subsystems and components, analytics and intelligence in real time.

In this role, we expect you to have strong analytic and system thinking skills and capacity to structure and formulate integrated models that represent industrial operations of real world enterprises and all its components e.g. machines, robots, vehicles, production cells, technologies, supply and customer services, stock, warehouse, sales, etc. The ability to define the abstract model structure and relevant indicators and operational requirements based in available data sources is essential.

Industrial and business experience is a plus. You may select preferred specific industry based on your practical experience and knowledge.

Your goal will be to help us to address customer needs in the most comprehensive and systematic way and drive high performance and quality.

You will become the pioneer for future growth of novel intelligent digital transformation systems in your region. As a system designer and model builder you may travel, partnering with the sales teams on different projects with the ultimate goal of introducing novel digital transformation solutions for customers. This job is for forward looking and highly motivated knowledge-envy people who want to work hard and introduce customers into smart sustainable future and benefit.


  • Understand customer requirements and how they shall be translated into new application features
  • Undertake analysis of target applications in the your area of expertise
  • Define model specifications with attention to system integration, feasibility and customer requirements
  • Plan and design the target system model: structure, objects, object states, metrics, data sources, operational controls and optimization requirements
  • Evaluate and select appropriate data sources (databases, automated systems, IoT, sensors, etc) and indicators enabling necessary transformation content
  • Use existing tools and methodologies to create models supporting necessary functions and user requirements for target application
  • Test the implemented models with data simulators and real world data sources
  • Collect examples describing major approaches toward description of system structures
  • Study structural components in custom applications, its properties and typical interests of users in system implementation
  • Analyse and describe optional user roles and views in the application model use
  • Collaborate with engineering and product development teams
  • Perform quality assurance for the running customer models
  • Oversee customer application and provide guidance to customer and team members supporting implementation
  • Define requirements for process reporting, visualization techniques related to the model applications
  • Describe models and its use in customer applications including system help, documentation and maintenance
  • Present the models to project management and customers
  • Consult customers regarding model upgrading and advancement
  • Have a passion for machine-learning, neural networks and other AI methods
  • Have critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for interpreting model implementation results
  • Constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve modelling tools and concepts, discover issues and deliver better value to customers
  • Propose novel solutions to business challenges appearing in customer cases
  • Report on common sources of technical issues or questions and make recommendations, key insights and findings to product team


  • Understanding business needs and objectives in the selected industry area
  • Strong analytic and system thinking skills and capacity to structure and formulate integrated models for target applications
  • Demonstrated ability to overcome technical challenges in a fast-paced environment within an interdisciplinary team setting
  • Experience using business intelligence tools and monitoring / control systems
  • Deep interest to novel methods of advanced digital transformation, AI, IIoT, understanding of machine-learning and operations research methods
  • Understanding of strategic ICT developments and solutions

Starting part time and proving capacity to

  • Learn new concepts and try them in dynamic high-energy way
  • Define solution-oriented system structure, metrics and relevant data sources for the models of real world systems 
  • Oversee all analytics operations resulting from the model application to correct discrepancies and ensure quality
  • Build models as engines transforming raw data into actionable business insights
  • Apply industry knowledge to interpret data and improve performance
  • Attention to detail, problem-solving aptitude
  • Identify valuable data sources and its use in relevant KPIs
  • Formulate sustainability statuses for target system operation
  • Prepare well structured documents describing the models, its applications and use
  • Accumulate experience relating to customers from a variety of cultural and knowledge backgrounds
  • Present information using data visualization techniques


  • Minimum of three (3) years college or vocational training in metrology or industrial engineering or 3 years of relevant experience, or any equivalent combination of education/ experience
  • High-achieving and ambitious university students looking for a transformative educational experience are welcome
  • BSc/BA in Engineering, Industrial Systems, Business management or a related field, knowledge and interest to smart everything, digital transformation, IoT, cyber-physical system concepts
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in at least two languages – English and mother language (corresponding to a country of residence); additional knowledge of German or Russian is a plus
  • Experience in analysing data to draw business-relevant conclusions and data visualization techniques and tools
  • Strong quantitative, applied mathematics experience in probability theory, multivariate calculus, differential equations, mathematical physics, statistics
  • Knowledge of basic metrology, measurement standards and processes, KPI methods and its use in quality management systems and operations
  • Experience in at least one programming or scripting language such as C++, R, Python or Swift
  • Analytical mind and business acumen, problem-solving aptitude
  • IT skills in routine use of personal computer and Internet tools in MS Windows or Linux desktop platforms used for a model development
  • Willingness to go the extra mile with a strong work ethic being self-directed and resourceful
  • You are available to work varied hours (including evenings, weekends and holidays) to accommodate volume fluctuations caused by sales cycles, seasonality, emergencies, etc.

What we offer

  • A dedicated team
  • A cool novel ICT platform and development tools for making smart sustainable systems
  • An international Internet based environment
  • A high degree of personal responsibility
  • Flexible working hours and home office option
  • Real challenges and real perspectives in career and qualification growth
  • Salary growth as experience accumulates, additional bonuses based on successful completion of projects

GOLEM IMS GMBH is a growing market-defining company on a mission opening new application area of intelligent sustainable systems. We help people and organizations and cities to manage and run real world processes sustainably; have holistic vision of their applications and AI-driven support for its smart management. We deal with complexity and smart everything and accelerated change in novel passionate way making a difference in the world!

Joining our team you obtain unique novel knowledge required in the new world of interlinked smart everything and experience that can enrich your life and improve well being.

GOLEM IMS GMBH is an Equal Opportunity Employer