User assistance specialist

We have a remote job to support user assistance and creation of technical documentation, topic writing, embedded help for our advanced software system PharosN and its applications in DITA ecosystem.

The expected work content:

  • Planning the settings of operational environment and task scheduling for the user assistance developments,
  • Setting DITA operational ecosystem,
  • Defining the structure of the resulting documents and outputs,
  • Conversion of existing html help content into DITA structure,
  • Learning our software PharosN use in detail necessary for systemic user assistance authoring,
  • Complete redesign of the user assistance taking into consideration key users work patterns and roles,
  • Developing product lines and outputs – online and UI embedded help, documentation, tutorials, brief courses, wizards, video, eBooks, infographics,
  • Maintaining user assistance product lines and updates linked to releases
  • Adding localisations with external translator support (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian and others in relation to projects)
  • Collaborating with team members to design our next generation of user assistance technology and implementing new creative methods of embedded user assistance including AI-driven solutions.

We work and use only Open Source software components (with rare justified exclusions).

Suggested majors include technical writing in good English, communications, instructional design, software engineering, or computer science. Minimum of 1+ years of user assistance development or relevant experience especially with some DITA CMS. Good knowledge of German or Russian or other popular European languages along with English is a strong plus.

GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH is a growing market-defining company on a mission to open new area of AI-driven virtual systems assisting customers in smart transparent sustainable management and governance of complex processes in the physical world. We offer advanced IoT solutions to assist organizations and cities to manage and control the sustainably and efficiently of their large scale operations and assets, have holistic vision and transparency of the application results in real time. These solutions help to deal with complexity and smart everything and accelerated change in novel passionate way making a difference in the world!

By joining our team you obtain unique novel knowledge and qualifications required in the new world of interlinked smart everything enriching your life and improving well being.

GOLEM IMS GMBH is an Equal Opportunity Employer