Applications & Solutions

PharosN platform supports wide range of IoT applications based its powerful underlying system concepts as follows:

  • Each application system is unique in its objectives, structure, data sources, performance requirements answering specific stakeholder needs and structure of relevant physical system it related to.
  • The application system is based on the model of relevant cyber-physical system (CPS)
  • The CPS model is build developers who knows the application content and customer requirements
  • The model is linked to necessary data sources such as IoT, automated systems and can exchange data
  • The model runs on the PharosN platform transforming big data streams into information services and controls in real time accordingly to the model definitions  
  • The information services include sustainability management of the target systems and its components, monitoring of its status, conditions, various KPIs, enable rich analytics, benchmarks, simulation of  decision options and impacts, optimization of system operations   
  • The end user services provide custom view into the processes of the target physical system

This approach allows development of rich set of optional IoT applications that includes as follows:

Smart meters, Energy Containers, Cargo, Machines operation and maintenance (vending, games, equipment), Vehicles, Ships, Traffic, Parking, Home appliances, Security, People movements by beacons, proxy readers (tourists, schools, universities, sport events, etc), Digital Health, Smart City Waste, Water, Buildings, Assets, Environment, and many others.