Development tools

Development tools


PharosN platform has high level interactive instruments for developing complex intelligent custom IoT solutions. Its use does not require programming and allows making the custom models of various cyber-physical systems in diverse application areas linked to large number of IoT. The model is used as digital transformation engine for each unique application and, being open, allows quick adaptation to change in requirements, IoT structure, user dashboards and reports, analytics.

The platform set of tools includes as follows:

  • Model object structure builder
  • Editor of object states
  • Model structure navigation
  • Editor of object properties (States and Rules , Descriptors, Constants, Sensors/IoT, Video cameras, Data elements, Indicators, Process Targets, Maps)
  • Editor of user preferences and settings for object dashboard
  • Database
  • Interactive dashboards and reports
  • Object state analytics
  • Dependency analysis
  • Visual analytics supported by animated graphs, charts and tables
  • Standard reports
  • Sample model and relevant database
  • Automatic updates of clients
  • Sensor linking widgets
  • Sensor emulators
  • Editor of data import procedures
  • Custom API supported by rich set of 360 commands
  • Management of transformation engines for applications

The tools provide high level quick prototyping tools to design an application model and integrate it with large number of IoT and continuously improve it accordingly to ongoing change in requirements and target physical system structure.

The tools are available to the subscribers of PharosN engine. The subscriptions are available to the portal members.