Sample application model

Sample application model is one of the portal services provided to the application developers. It is the database containing the complete definitions of the specific application and can be used as template and learning tool facilitating quick prototyping of practical custom application.

The learning of the sample model is facilitated by special set of interactive wizards provided by PharosN platform. The model can be modified by developers with high level interactive instruments for quick development of practical solutions. As the custom models represent specific cyber-physical systems by customers its knowledge is required for relevant application development and model linking to IoT and other data sources in equipment, machines, accounting, ERP and other systems.

The resulting application model is used as digital transformation engine for each unique application and, being open, allows quick adaptation to change in requirements, IoT structure, user dashboards and reports, analytics.

While being costly and presenting the development result the sample model is provided free to the developers to empowering quick learning and capacity for custom developments.