Job Vacancies

Applied mathematician - programmer in C++ and Python

Job Type: Fulltime

Modality: Remote work


  • University degree in Mathematics or Data science or AI/ML or System automation
  • Profound knowledge of mathematical statistics, machine learning, applied mathematics
  • Strong experience in C ++ and Python programming for at least 2 years (to be evaluated in a test)
  • Capacity to expand & use major open source frameworks including AI/ML libraries TensorFlow, PyTorch, SciPy, MLpack, etc. in system developments
  • Working usage of AI coding assistants (e.g. Autogen, GitHub Copilot, Cody,  Codeium, Replit, CodeGeeX)
  • Excellent knowledge of Linux, docker, postgresql, k8s kubernetes, bash, svn, git, Jira, Bamboo
  • Attentiveness, punctuality, collaborative spirit
  • Ability to self-organization during remote work sessions, planning the tasks
  • Drive to have high quality software and work efficiency 
  • Analytical mindset, responsibility

Work conditions

  • Remote working sessions with dev. environment at cloud servers
  • Free selection of working intervals at own convenience 
  • Keeping working time ~ 40 hours/week in average or ~ 160 hours/month.
  • Throughout the working time to be available in the chat.
  • Place of residence and citizenship does not matter
  • Working languages: English + Russian or German + Russian for communications and preparing the documentation


  • Development of AI/ML components in a large, distributed processing system of intelligent digital twins linked to many IoT data sources
  • Refactoring, optimization and updating of existing system modules in C ++ & Python
  • Writing unit tests for already existing code and newly written functions.
  • Close interaction with the other software developers

Data scientist, ML programmer in Julia

Vacancy Job Type: Part time with fulltime perspective 

Modality: Remote work

Professional requirements for the candidate:

  • Profound knowledge of mathematical statistics, machine learning, applied mathematics
  • Experience as a programmer C++ and Python for at least 2 years
  • Experience of development Julia apps using ML frameworks MLPACK, PyChart, TensorFlow
  • Good working knowledge of Linux, docker, bash, svn, git
  • Good knowledge of English 

Requirements for personal qualities:

  • Attentiveness, punctuality, non-contentiousness
  • Ability to self-organization during remote work, planning the tasks
  • Constructive and demanding work pattern to achieve high quality software products and work efficiency
  • Analytical mindset, responsibility


  • Development of software components in distributed processing system
  • Refactoring of C++ code 
  • Implementing system functions using ML frameworks with operional use fo GPU and other ML accelerators 
  • Writing unit tests to already existing code (with modification for testability), as well as to newly written functions.
  • Close interaction with software developers

Working mode:

  • Remote work, part time upon the agreement.
  • Daily working hours & task management, description of the work performed.
  • Place of residence does not matter
  • Working languages in the team: English, Russian
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