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Mobile Applications programmer Flutter/Dart


- At least 2 years experience as a Mobile Application Developer (ME) in Flutter SDK/Dart for Android and IoS environments

- Strong knowledge and experience with Flutter SDK, UI, Architecture Components, key libraries, maps and testing methods

- Knowledge of basic design patterns and experience of using them;

- Ability to plan work time, quickly understand the set tasks, independently in detail describe the problem to be solved, the environment of implementation and unit tests before its solution

- Analytical mind, responsibility, not conflictual attitude, attentiveness, high demand for code quality, punctuality

- The ability to organize work remotely, be constructive and demanding in teamwork to achieve high quality software products and performance


- Presentation of examples of the previous work 

- Minimum engagement 20 hours/week, 80 hours/month remotely with furtehr full-time job as results become available.

- Location/Residence: Does not matter

- Working languages: Russian, English, German

- Salary is based on actual qualifications and demonstration thereof


- Designing, programming, debugging and releasing working mobile applications according to ready design screens and agreed ToR

- Skills in developing stable quality software, using modern design patterns, code testing methods, and interface

- Documentation of the code and solutions

- Regular interaction with system development team, designers and testers

Сompensation: according to the qualification and mutual agreement.  

RASA AI chatbot programmer

Job Type: Part time with fulltime perspective upon demonstration of the positive results

Modality: Remote work in developing conversational chatbots running at backend

We look for the software application developer who has experience in RASA application programming using its environment and modules.

You will become the pioneer for future growth of novel artificial intelligence applications for making intelligent digital twins speaking and interacting with people in different languages. This job is for forward looking and highly motivated knowledge-envy people who want to work hard and introduce customers into smart sustainable future and benefit.


  • Development of the backend-side chats in RASA @ Ubuntu Server and integration with other components in a kubernetes cluster
  • Writing tests for the code
  • Close interaction with software developers
  • Working with tasks and presentation of results in the project management environment
  • Creative improvements in development and testing of software and its quality
  • Learning new concepts, development tools, applications
  • Understanding customer requirements and how they shall be translated into new features
  • Undertaking analysis of target applications
  • Using existing tools, methodologies and open source software


  • Deep knowledge of RASA system
  • Experience in programming chatbots using RASA
  • Development of microservices in chat,
  • Quality programming in Python 3.6-3.9,
  • Knowledge of FastAPI, PostgreSQL
  • Good working knowledge of Linux, bash, svn, git environments

Starting part time and proving capacity to

  • Learn and develop new concepts
  • Build applications and try them in testing  
  • Attention to detail, problem-solving aptitude


  • Conversational knowledge of at least 2 languages: English or German and Russian
  • Proven practical experience in programming Python 3.x
  • Analytical mind and business acumen, problem-solving aptitude
  • Good IT skills, use Linux desktop platform and Internet
  • Remote work from home using stable Internet access to cloud

What we offer

  • A dedicated team
  • A cool novel AI-driven ICT/IoT platform and development tools for making the models of intelligent sustainable systems linking physical and virtual worlds
  • An international Internet based collaboration environment
  • A high degree of personal responsibility and freedom
  • Flexible working hours and home office option
  • Real challenges and real perspectives in career and qualification growth
  • Salary growth as experience accumulates, additional bonuses based on successful completion of projects

GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH is a growing market-defining company on a mission to open new area of AI-driven Digital Twins of big systems or systems assisting customers in smart transparent sustainable management and governance of complex processes in the physical world.

By joining our team, you obtain unique novel knowledge and qualifications required in the quickly changing world of interlinked smart everything enriching your life and improving well being.

Our company is GOLEM GMBH is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Data scientist, ML programmer in Julia

Vacancy Job Type: Part time with fulltime perspective 

Modality: Remote work

Professional requirements for the candidate:

  • Profound knowledge of mathematical statistics, machine learning, applied mathematics
  • Experience as a programmer Julia and C++ for at least 2 years
  • Experience of development Julia apps using ML frameworks MLPACK, PyChart, TensorFlow
  • Good working knowledge of Linux, docker, bash, svn, git
  • Good knowledge of English and Russian 

Requirements for personal qualities:

  • Attentiveness, punctuality, non-contentiousness
  • Ability to self-organization during remote work, planning the tasks
  • Constructive and demanding work pattern to achieve high quality software products and work efficiency
  • Analytical mindset, responsibility


  • Development of software components in distributed processing system
  • Refactoring of C++ code and development of new modules in Jilia 
  • Implementing system functions using ML frameworks with operional use fo GPU and other ML accelerators 
  • Writing unit tests to already existing code (with modification for testability), as well as to newly written functions.
  • Close interaction with software developers

Working mode:

  • Remote work, part time upon the agreement.
  • Daily working hours & task management, description of the work performed.
  • Place of residence does not matter
  • Working languages in the team: English, Russian

User assistance specialist

We have a remote job to support user assistance and creation of technical documentation, topic writing, embedded help for our advanced software system PharosN and its applications in DITA ecosystem.

The expected work content:

  • Planning the settings of operational environment and task scheduling for the user assistance developments,
  • Setting DITA operational ecosystem,
  • Defining the structure of the resulting documents and outputs,
  • Conversion of existing html help content into DITA structure,
  • Learning our software PharosN use in detail necessary for systemic user assistance authoring,
  • Complete redesign of the user assistance taking into consideration key users work patterns and roles,
  • Developing product lines and outputs – online and UI embedded help, documentation, tutorials, brief courses, wizards, video, eBooks, infographics,
  • Maintaining user assistance product lines and updates linked to releases
  • Adding localisations with external translator support (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian and others in relation to projects)
  • Collaborating with team members to design our next generation of user assistance technology and implementing new creative methods of embedded user assistance including AI-driven solutions.

We work and use only Open Source software components (with rare justified exclusions).

Suggested majors include technical writing in good English, communications, instructional design, software engineering, or computer science. Minimum of 1+ years of user assistance development or relevant experience especially with some DITA CMS. Good knowledge of German or Russian or other popular European languages along with English is a strong plus.

GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH is a growing market-defining company on a mission to open new area of AI-driven virtual systems assisting customers in smart transparent sustainable management and governance of complex processes in the physical world. We offer advanced IoT solutions to assist organizations and cities to manage and control the sustainably and efficiently of their large scale operations and assets, have holistic vision and transparency of the application results in real time. These solutions help to deal with complexity and smart everything and accelerated change in novel passionate way making a difference in the world!

By joining our team you obtain unique novel knowledge and qualifications required in the new world of interlinked smart everything enriching your life and improving well being.

GOLEM IMS GMBH is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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