Pharos Navigator® - PharosN: The novel platform for Intelligent Sustainable IoT Systems enabling AI-driven real time digital transformation in diverse application areas

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Smart Enterprise Monitor

Smart Enterprise Monitor

advanced information technology for smart holistic management and operational control of complex business processes in manufacturing, services and distribution by transforming Big IoT Data in cloud with AI-driven methods into real time services for condition monitoring, prediction analytics to improve performance results and sustainability


Smart City Monitor

Smart City Monitor

new generation of powerful AI-driven digital transformation tools for administrations and utility services and communities assisting in smart sustainable management and governance and control of complex diverse urban processes and events proving holistic integrated vision of results to answer questions and take right actions in real time

IoT Integrator tools for rapid development of intelligent custom solutions

IoT Integrator tools for rapid development of intelligent custom solutions

for system integrators to make complex tailored applications for their customers enabling AI-driven holistic monitoring and analytics based on big real time data from large number of diverse sensors, automated systems and mobile apps in physical and virtual worlds



More applications:

Assisting City Administrations in ISO 37120 certification

applying Smart City Monitor as technical tool to support cost–effective certification programs for compliance with the latest key international standards of quality of governance and management and its continuous auditing and transparency  


Holistic integrated management of multiple building automation systems (click to download presentation)

in one control center allows minimizing operational and maintenance costs while fostering quality of services and compliance with relevant international and national standards in shopping & trade centers, campuses, smart districts


Assets and facilities management 

is effectively supported by integrated holistic view and advanced AI-driven big data analytics and trustful blockchain of complex interlinked processes to gain insights proactively that influence critical decisions, costs, efficiency, quality and sustainability 


Energy, water use and other resource efficiency and sustainability in urban areas

Is presented by relevant custom indicators and analytics for all stakeholders based on automatic collection of use data from numerous electronic spreadsheets, databases, sensors, IoT and automated systems (SCADA, etc), and transformation and its aggregation in real time


Operational control of complex manufacturing processes in real time (download metal manufacturing case study)

with intelligent manufacturing control system running the digital twin of the real world production processes and calculating of the ongoing results in all its dimensions and identifying necessary automatic corrections upon any predicted deviation from predefined manufacturing goals


Holistic sustainable retail in real time

Receive holistic integrated vision of the sustainability for all business processes in sales, stock, supply and technical services with clear and prompt indication of irregularities, predicted root causes


Sustainable customer Insurance with IoT

Enabling insurers to obtain advanced holistic monitoring of compliance and analytics to uncover insights leading to higher customer satisfaction less churn and lower costs by gathering sensor data from the objects of insurance (buildings, vehicles, ships, cars, businesses, etc)


Smart Management and Governance in Middle and Small Size Cities

New data driven methods and digital transformation instruments for Smart Management and Smart Governance of Urban and Metropolitan Areas, Regions, Islands, Countries improving sustainability, resilience and transparency


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