So many different IoT!

So many different IoT!


IoT everywhere! And its quantity and diversity grows tremendously.

However the more IoT shall be linked to some system, the more data streams shall be processed and transformed into effective user applications to address specific customer purposes.

This is one of the main problems related to the large IoT systems: How to deal with many big data streams from large number of IoT and transform it into simple and useful apps for end users? 

Another one is How to make such systems easy accommodating change and adapting to quickly changing user requirements, replacement of specific devices and adding new ones, linking to different systems, be integrated into high level scalable architecture solution which is simple to use and learn and run and easy maintain with minimum costs?

PharosN addresses these issues by design. Consider the platform as hosting and development environment for making your unique application models of target IoT systems.

The approach is similar to the use of powerful frameworks for developing web applications and its hosting. The difference is in use of high level prototyping tools that

  • Support interactive development of target complex custom application models having large number of IoT quick and easy
  • Allow linking of the IoT, sensors and automated systems using common open source protocols and major standards
  • Enable testing and demonstration of the integrated application solution to customers
  • Allow easy adaptation to changes in requirements and application model structure
  • Do not require programming