Brief video and animations

Want to have a look? Sure, here are some video!

Its duration is 1 - 3 minutes. The content is related to online demo apps at this portal that present physical and virtual objects in dashboards, reports, maps and widgets. It gives further understanding of the PharosN magic to deal with complex systems in a simple way.


How the complex model is made? Let’s have a look!

Making urban model for a Smart City accordingly to international standard ISO 37120 “Indicators of quality of life”

Making manufacturing enterprise model


Status, Condition and Quality monitoring

 Analytics, dashboards, reports and maps in the City model

 Analytics, dashboards, reports, maps in the Enterprise model


How to link IoT or sensor to the model and have data stream?

Linking IoT and sensors to the system model


Data from IoT or automated system have been obtained. What happens next?

Analysing performance and sustainability dependencies

Business results analysis by dependency chains in manufacturing apps


Need to add new Key Performance Indicator? Find how it can made within a couple of minutes

Making ISO 37120 indicators for urban model in Smart City Monitor 

Making business indicators in enterprise apps


The PharosN platform supports making complex application models and its running for continuous transformation of big data streams into rich set of information services and controls for sustainability and performance management. Its capacity for data driven allows simulation of key decision consequences and its impacts in anticipated time horizon.