Our company

Our company GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH, Austria, established 1990, develops the software and integrate distributed digital systems. Based on strong theoretical and practial experience and own R&D, we developed the innovation platform Pharos Navigator®  (or PharosN) introducing the cutting edge rapid development  environment for Intelligent Digital Twins for custom applications in monitoring and control of complex real world systems. 

PharosN enables us and our partners in implementing the rich set of custom applications in diverse areas such as Smart Sustainable Green Districts and Cities, Smart Buildings and Shopping centers, Campuses, Smart Connected Assets, Smart Enterprises, Factories of Future, Smart Hospitals, Circular economy, Environment, Quality & Safety.

The company cutting-edge innovation developments of personal digital twins assisting in self-care and remote care management of growing number of aging people and patients with chronic diseases received honorable Seal of Excellence by the European Commission in 2020.     

These data driven solutions assist managers and operators and technicians in monitoring, analytics and control of their complex applications integrating physical and virtual worlds as well as evidence based planning of future performance scenarios and analysis of optional impacts.

The novel high level tools and advanced ICT/IoT platform makes possible the implementation of Intelligent Sustainable System Applications and providing partners with the powerful ecosystem for rapid development of customized solutions addressing complex issues of digital transformation and sustainability of complex systems. It opens new attractive business opportunities for many forward looking developers, system integrators, service providers, consultants, trainers as well as those students who want to learn how to set and manage systems interlinked physical and virtual worlds.

PharosN is the distributed system that runs smart sustainable cyber-physical models of complex real world systems that collect, analyse, store data from large number of IoT stacks, sensors, smart meters, automation systems, mobiles and transform these data streams into simple holistic sustainability status of the relevant complex systems. It offers answers to the typical human question “How are you?" applied to the large scale complex objects in the real world like building, shopping center, campus, district, city, region, country, etc providing AI-driven human way of interactions and visualisation of actual processes and its results.

The Team

The company has multidisciplinary multinational R&D and technical support teams comprised of high-quality professionals in information technology, systems and data sciences, artificial intelligence, mathematics, software development, web programming, design, industrial engineering, urban modelling, training, marketing production and sales.

The dynamic mix of research, development, innovation and business options provide partners with advanced yet cost effective development ecosystem that they can use for development of their custom solutions for their customer requirements.

The Partners

The company has growing number of partners in different countries applying new PharosN platform to for rapid implementation of practical solutions for their customers addressing growing demand for digital transformation and operational sustainability.


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