PharosN technology applications

Driven by AI, Bigdata and IoT, the PharosN technology platform supports wide range of digital applications based its powerful underlying concepts of system sciences, sustainability or homeostasis, custom knowledgebase models of concrete Big Cyber-physical Systems of Systems running as their Intelligent Digital Twins.  

This approach allows rich set of optional applications based on measurement of physical processes and transformation of relevant big data streams into high level custom information services and controls assisting managers and operators in monitoring and control of sustainable performance such systems real time and in the future. It includes but not limited to the following areas:

Smart Manufacturing, Smart Enterprises and Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart sustainable buildings, Smart Connected Assets, IoT systems, Smart meters and Energy grids, Energy Containers, Cargo, Machines operation and maintenance (vending, games, equipment), Vehicles, Ships, Traffic, Parking, Home appliances, Security, Pedestrian routing and counting (tourists, schools, universities, sport events, etc), Waste, Water,  Environment, Health, Quality and maintenance and standard compliance systems, Circular economy, Sustainability Management, Energy efficiency, Transport, Logistics,  Training & Education, and many others.