United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability.

The first Contracts signed between UNIDO and GOLEM IMS GMBH in 1998 and 2000 set legal framework for further development, enhancement, identification of focal points, training of focal point staff and promotion of distribution of UNIDO Business Performance Management Software which included Pharos Business Navigator, Business Environment Strategic Toolkit (BEST), Financial Improvement Toolkit (FIT) and Measurement Control Chart Toolkit (MCCT). 

Pharos Business Navigator software for managers of industrial enterprises was initially developed by GOLEM IMS GMBH for UNIDO project in Africa (Kenya) in 1995. It had been installed in 3000 enterprises since then in several UNIDO capacity building and industrial modernization programmes in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

The UNIDO Pharos software suite is innovative digital transformation platform and improving sustainability, productivity, business results of smart organizations which increasingly rely on IoT and evolve into complex cyber-physical industrial systems as Factories of Future, Industry 4, and Connected enterprise, for sustainable inclusive development in green industries, metropolitan areas and circular economy. The unique advanced platform fosters integration and effective managing, monitoring, controlling, benchmarking of performance, using of rich business analytics, diverse sensors, Internet of Things, automated control systems, video cameras.

The Pharos suite supports simplicity of operations, short learning curve for users with common level of smart skills and support of major International Management System such as ISO 9000, 9001, 14000, 15504, 17025, 19011, 26000, 31000, 37120, 37122, 37123, 37101, 37150, 37151, 50001 in various application areas.

International projects and programmes by UNIDO and its UN partners are provided with exclusive licensing for Pharos suite.

Multiple references are available by the Internet search for the keywords "UNIDO Pharos"   

Presentation "UNIDO Pharos Suite The Past and The Future: 20 years of collaboration in digital transformation innovation for efficient and sustainable inclusive industrial development" made at 4-th Conference “Green Industry for Sustainable Cities 2016”, UNIDO - Ulsan Metropolitan Area, 28-30 June 2016, Ulsan, Korea



The Association for Sustainable Innovative Development in Economics, Environment and Society (ASIDEES), Vienna, Austria is non-profit organization, supporting development and applications of Smart City Monitor platform in cities, planning and implementation of urban and other application models as digital twins linking the physical and virtual worlds. ASIDEES assists customer organisations in learning and preparation of data and linkages to its sources and running the digital twin models as transformation engines enabling novel information services and controls assisting public administrations, service providers and citizens in holistic data management and process transparency. The novel approach and practical custom solutions offer powerful AI-driven real-time monitoring, performance analysis and controls fostering smart urban innovation, digital & circular economies, energy & environment, mitigation of climate change.

The strong multidisciplinary international team offers awareness, training workshops, project preparation, effective practical compliances to major international standards, including certification in compliance with ISO standards for Quality of Life and Smart Governance enabling organizational framework for its members to contribute to the practical implementation of Smart Cities and Communities concepts.


OPTOKON Baltic is the innovative dynamic company in Riga, Latvia, implementing novel digital transformation technologies for urban and industrial applications. By integration of key enabling information and communication technologies such as Smart City Monitor platform and Internet of Things and cable and wireless telecommunication infrastructure, the company realises effective innovation as turn-key solutions assisting local communities and businesses in smart sustainable management and governance to improve the quality of life, prosperity, business efficiency and competitiveness. Beyond Latvia, OPTOKON Baltic supports other partner projects in Baltic area contributing the innovation and digital economy and sustainability in the region.

Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia

Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o., is SME assisting and consulting private enterprises and public organisations in application of new intelligent digital transformation technologies for effective, smart and sustainable management and operations. The key company activity areas are focused on the most demanding industries and public services in the Eastern Europe to meet the challenges of sustainability, resources and economic efficiency, transparency and privacy, and data protection.

The company develops and provides its custoers with powerful yet cost-effective technology innovation applications enabled by AI-and Big Data - driven Virtual Twins as the custom replicas or models of the relevant target Big Systems of Systems such as smart homes, residential buildings, healthcare and caregiver organisations, manufacturing and agro -enterprises. It integrates applied studies and experimental prototyping to enable new ways of addressing the major challenges of time such as eHealth & Social care for aging population and assisted living, smart sustainable manufacturing enterprises, circular economy, critical infrastructures and resilience, Industry 4.0 and many others.