Investment Opportunities

Investing into the companies that offer radical innovations in strategic future digital technologies is one of the most important ways to save and multiply the capital among all existing long-term investment options especially in times of uncertainty and growing fiat inflation.

While being currently small, yet highly innovative and forward-looking dynamic company, we developed unique cutting-edge digital technology to address strategic demand for custom Intelligent AI-driven Digital Twins in the digital future we gradually entering.  

After successful passing the proof-of-concept stage in several Horizon Europe R&D projects and experiences of early adopters, we aim at accelerated release of commercial products and services that address the strategic long-term trends and challenges in societies, industries, environment and urban areas.

Based on these achievements, we invite the investors who want to benefit from the AI- driven digital economies and societies of the coming future to take part and support in this commercialization process focused in specific industries and applications.

We will focus on the maximization of shareholder value over the medium to long term and endeavor to increase its equity value.  

The Private investors, Corporates and Foundations considering medium - long term investments into AI-driven digital health technologies are welcome to contact us for further details.