Implementing Digital Transformation in Agri-Industries: UNIDO Project for Mongolia

Implementing Digital Transformation in Agri-Industries: UNIDO Project for Mongolia

Addressing the major digital transformation needs in agro-industries, Pharos Agri-Business Navigator Software became a part of the technical assistance project “Support to Employment Creation in Mongolia (SECiM C2)” by UNIDO Food Systems and Nutrition Division.

The implementation was focused on introduction of intelligent digital tools for Smart Sustainable Management of Agri-Industrial SMEs that

  • Transform of the agricultural sector in emerging markets to standardized, scalable, cost-efficient, data & market-driven
  • Improve food safety management with digital and artificial intelligence AI in real time
  • Reduce food safety risks, audit and costs duplication while building trust throughout the supply chain
  • Provide holistic real time vision of own business processes, performance, bottlenecks and decision priorities improving sustainability
  • Foster certification and continuing auditing in food and agro-processing
  • Improving credentials for financial instruments, loans, investment efficiency,
  • Foster sustainability and resilience of Argo-Industries in developing countries under increasing impact of accelerated change in global markets, climate, access to vital resources.

During the project our team developed the detailed cyber-physical model of the generic agro-enterprise and identified its typical data sources that can be used to represent the physical and virtual processes in the production, sales, supply chain, compliance with standards / regulations and other operations. The model had been implemented as real time online demo to present the example of a diary factory that runs as the enterprise Digital Twin at PharosN cloud to manage, monitor and control manufacturing and other operations.

The project demonstrated strong potential of new digital twin technology applications to foster food security and productivity, quality, resource efficiency, introduce new qualified jobs, improve sustainable economic growth in the Agri Industries and its resilience to impacts (changes in climate, markets, etc). The achievement opens new possibilities in assisting agro-SME in effective and sustainable food production. 

The PharosN technology had been historically linked to UNIDO industrial modernisation programmes as outsourced business performance management software for industrial SMEs. During the last years it evolved into high performing agile enterprise solution enabling Argo-Industry 4.0 concepts in practice.

The implementation resulted in the innovation promotion services for agro-industrial entrepreneurs to learn and try the new Intelligent Digital Twins at their business environment.

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