Virtual care for everyone: introducing AI-driven personal digital health services

Virtual care for everyone: introducing AI-driven personal digital health services

There is global long-term trend of dramatic increase of population of aging people and those with chronic diseases, and patients recently discharged from hospitals, especially after beginning of COVID-19 pandemia in 2020. There is growing evidence that these impacts changed our lives, societies and environment forever.

All these people need continuous assistance based on knowledge and reliable, verifiable information that let them effectively manage and monitor their own health and well-being at home while having easy contact with remote informal and official caregivers, and effective access to medical services in remote sessions to justify personal visits to medical institutions (including transportation, waiting time, labor and resources used).

Addressing the needs of the huge potential market our company develops radically new solution: Personal Intelligent Digital Health Twin for Everyone. It can live in cloud being always together with its physical host to provide:

  • Holistic intelligent automatic analysis of multiple processes that are related to individual health, life-style, activities, living environment, 
  • Intelligent high-level natural interactivity aiding in easy conversations and visuals, medication and procedures scheduling,   
  • AI-driven automatic interpretation of the ongoing health status using accumulated human health knowledgebase, 
  • Keeping aging people and patients, their relatives and caregivers updated in an intelligent way that minimizes continuous monitoring overhead,
  • Providing positive psychological interactions with people in their natural language conversations, supporting exchange of comments and multimodal message content
  • Having cost level affordable for large population groups.   

The proof-of-concept prototype was tested in the lab and the recent Horizon 2020 project experiments SmartMozionAge 2020, is introduced into a number of new international projects under Horizon Europe grant program. The relevant proposal of Intelligent Personal Digital Twin application running at AI-, Big Data- and IoT - driven platform PharosN that realizes new digital health technology for post-COVID-19 years received the European Commission Certificate “Seal of Excellence as COVID-19 Response” scored as a high-quality project in a highly competitive evaluation process (~ 4000 proposals submitted) and is recommended for funding and investments.

The project overview and presentation are available at the PlatformUptake and the GOLEM.AT company page.