2007 Beirut, Lebanon

2007 Beirut, Lebanon

The entrepreneurship facilitation programme "Management of Change" was launched in Lebanon by European - Lebanese Center for Industrial Modernization (ELCIM) under supervision and contractual authority of Ministry of Industry of Lebanon and financial support by European Union. The Programme effectively integrates the experience accumulated during implementation of UNIDO capacity building programmes for the last 7 years and has several new methodological components enabling entrepreneurs to cope with growing impact of changing business environment in a very practical way. The programme package delivered to enterprises consisted of the following modules:

  • Strategic and production planning in industrial enterprises
  • Financial performance management, monitoring and benchmarking using UNIDO Pharos and FIT software
  • Production performance planning, management, monitoring and benchmarking.
  • Enterprise implementation on-sites: support and consulting by local consultants

The package integrated learning targets with applications, methodology and tools for measurement of business results aiming at upgrading managerial capacity to systematically improve competitiveness, productivity, quality, business efficiency using Pharos Business Navigator information technology tools by UNIDO.

The foundation principles of the programme design were as follows:

1. Facilitating stakeholder recognition that systematic management of change requires operational knowledge of both methodology and current on-going results.

2. Accommodating experiences developed in various UNIDO upgrading and training programmes in countries which applied UNIDO Pharos - Business Navigator, FIT and Produce Plus software for entrepreneurs.

The programme was prepared by Mr. Serge Golovanov, ELCIM key expert as of July 2007 with assistance of Mr. Shaun Hannah, ELCIM expert joining the team in December 2007 to support implementation in production planning and management. The team of ELCIM consultants included Mr. Fadi Fayad, ELCIM Team Leader and Ms. Hala Atallah, business advisor. The overall supervising of the programme is made by Mr. Raja Habre, ELCIM Director.

The implementation steps included as follows:

  • Awareness workshop in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon on 13.09.2007
  • Thematic workshops for ELCIM trainers and enterprises
  • Implementations in several Lebanese enterprises

 The on-site installations, consulting, coaching were implemented in the following enterprises:

  • Company "Henry Abdallah P.F.M. sal" (REVA MATTRESSES), Beirut, Lebanon represented by Mr. Robert Abdallah, General Manager
  • Company "Converting Hygienic Tissue Paper PERLA", Lebanon represented by Mr. Nazih Mokadem, General Manager
  • "Ets. Michel Noujaim SAL", Lebanon represented by Mr.  Michel-Henri Noujaim, General Manager
  • Company "WILCO PM sarl.", Chekka, Lebanon represented by Mr. Tony Boutros, Production Manager and Mr. Joseph Boutros, General Manager.