Meeting with Vietnamese Entrepreneurs and Officials, Place: WKO.AT, Vienna, Austria

Meeting with Vietnamese Entrepreneurs and Officials, Place: WKO.AT, Vienna, Austria

Welcoming message was presented by Mr. Viet VU, Vietnam Ambassador in Austria.

Mag. Hans-Jörg Hörtnagl, representative of WKÖ, presented informative overview about trade between Austria and Vietnam. Interestingly, the evidence data proved that Austria imports from Vietnam exceeds its exports and Vietnam’s GDP as well as overall national economy is fast-growing for the last years.

Dr. Manfred Müllner CEO of FEEI – the Association of the Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industries, described how FEEI works and what a role industry plays in Austrian economy.

There were presentations from Ms. Truong Chi Binh, Director, SIDEC - Supporting Industry Enterprises Development Center and Ms. Do Thuy Huong, Executive board of VEIA - Vietnam Electronic Industries Association who described how these organizations work and what are the benefits of having business with the Vietnamese manufactures. It was noted that both organizations help making bridges between Vietnamese electronic manufacturers and potential customers from all over world.

Mr. Nha Tminh, Chairman of Truong Hong Minh Co. Ltd, described his company, products, in microelectronics including sophisticated high precision metrological equipment and presented data regarding production capacity acknowledging interest in exporting to Austria.

GOLEM IMS GMBH representatives had the following personal meetings with Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Ms. Truong Chi Binh, Director of SIDEC was interested to learn about Manufacturing Smart Enterprise application of Pharos Navigator and the idea that manufacturer can have a whole view of own enterprise with the evident proof of on-going results at any time and in every detail. She was pleased to learn that the price of service subscriptions for the software is equivalent to subscription for mobile phones and expressed interest in setting collaboration in Pharos Navigator implementation in SIDEC.

Ms. Do Thuy Huong, Executive board of VEIA - Vietnam Electronic Industries Association informed about trainings and workshops and coaching provided to its members by VEIA. She admitted potential use of Pharos Navigator as Training and Learning tool.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Director of Hung Dung Co., Ltd., described his company profile, main products including industrial controllers and wiring and told that company would love to sell the products to Europe countries, especially new Led lights which can be of interest to EU consumers. Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung has deep interest in using advanced IT instruments for improving efficiency of running own enterprise. During brief demo he was impressed with level of management support and functionalities provided by Pharos Navigator and expressed interest in running Smart Enterprise Monitor at own enterprise. He noted availability of immediate information about state of the company even when it’s top management on the business trip. With fast developments in world markets and rapid changes in on-going business results it is useful tool to monitor situation and take proper timely actions being both in and away from the company office.

Mr. Truong Hong Minh, Chairman of Nhat Minh Co. Ltd indicated his interest to Smart Enterprise Monitor applications at his enterprises acknowledging its simplicity and importance for top management.

Mr. Le Minh Duc, Trade Counselor, Vietnam Embassy in Austria indicated growing interest to practical implementation of Smart City concepts in Vietnam which grows fast and undertakes relevant urbanization. GOLEM IMS GMBH representative mentioned that realization of the concept can start by setting Smart City Monitor to present unified common view to the whole city and its theme objects. Such solutions is already available for practical implementation in full compliance to new standard ISO 37120:2014 “Sustainable development of communities — Indicators for city services and quality of life” and its application.