Smart City Monitor is recognized as "Innovation from Vienna" by City Administration, 13.05.2015

Smart City Monitor is recognized as "Innovation from Vienna" by City Administration, 13.05.2015

“Smart City Monitor” unique solution for Governance of Urban Areas and Cities was recognized by Vienna Business Agency as "Innovations from Vienna, Austria" in Information and Communication Technology, Energy and Environment.

The information about this solution and its brief description is published at the official site Technology Platforms of the agency as follows:

Smart City Monitor: “Set up your own City Monitor to run your Smart City! Any municipality can now install Pharos Navigator, a Smart City ISO 37120 application. Add locally defined indicators, city subsystems, define own data sources and view the whole city and each of its subsystems in detail. Daily and Now!” 

The site is run by Vienna Government Fund and Vienna City Administration 

The Smart CIty Monitor technology platform is available for prompt and practical implementation for Smart Governance and CItizens. It makes easy use of Open Data as CIty Server runs its automatic collection, realizes common and transparent monitoring as well as the comparability of Smart City solutions across European cities and facilitates strategic planning based on evidence data and measurement of progress towards Smart City goals promoting response to citizen’s needs and clever use of cities budgets.

In large scale Smart City Monitoring applications additional planning and development project may be necessary as each urban area has unique combination territorial features, requirements for districts and geo-location objects, specific events and performance measurements. Smart City integrated monitoring solution becomes an important component in joint collaboration project with local City Administration, its service providers and research institutions for implementation with financial support by EU or national funding programs. 


Download Smart City Monitor information (.pdf file): 

  • Brief description of the service provided for Municipalities in Austria and EU (in English) here
  • Presentation of the solution details and services content here