Green Cities & Sustainability Forum, Malaga, Spain, 7-8 October, 2015

Green Cities & Sustainability Forum, Malaga, Spain, 7-8 October, 2015

The conferences and exhibition attracted large number of organizations and companies especially from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

“Smart City Technologies made in Austria”

The presentation of the Smart CIty Monitor platform was made within special session “Smart City Technologies made in Austria” supported by the Advantage Austria in the “Aula Greencities” related to  Smart Cities, Sustainable mobility and green transports, Environment, Water and waste treatment, Energy.

The presentation “Smart Citizen and City Management in Intelligent Society: How to make digital start easy, cost effective, create new jobs and stimulate business development” — "Smart Citizen and City Management in Intelligent Society: ¿Cómo comenzar de forma fácil y eficaz, crear nuevos empleos y estimular el desarrolo empresarial? Nueva plataforma digital cívica para Smart Cities." (Spanish, pdf)

It addressed the main issues of:

  • How to make Smart City project results available to the citizens, tourists, visitors, local businesses and local governance contributing to their daily lives,

  • How to improve Quality of Life while simplifying the administrative burden and overhead for the Municipality by minimizing non-productive activities with this advanced ICT.

  • How the city budget may recover investments into Smart City and receive additional stable source of revenue from the innovation?”.

  • Does it allow promoting investments, jobs, image and economic developments?

  • What information and events are important for local communities and shall be presented in real time accordingly to local interests of communities?

  • Can foreign external information services originated and run different countries present local information adequately?

  • Why should the municipality or regional administration play the major role in providing the smart community with the platform answering the interests of all city stakeholders.

The response and interest by the audience confirmed the importance of the issues brought to the focus of the discussion.

Another important part of the event were international B2B meetings organised by Enterprise Europe Network –CESEAND to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, matchmaking and networking for new national and international projects.

The Forum outcomes:

  • The Smart City Monitor platform introduces a number of unique innovative solutions to variety of issues related to sustainable urban development
  • Its capacity for providing Map of Life in real time based on calculation of performance for large number of urban objects along with the presentation of holistic vision of the city and its main areas of activities to all city stakeholders is unique and does not have analogues
  • The solution caused growing interest by a number organizations and municipalities resulting in new business and application developments.

(Photo credits: Greencities & Sustainability, Malaga)