Smart projects to experiment for best local solutions and financing opportunities

Smart projects to experiment for best local solutions and financing opportunities

‘Smart projects to experiment for best local solutions’.

The AIOTI 3rd General Assembly in Berlin, Germany 30th May 2016 and Metropolitan Solutions 2016 | ICLEI 31 May - 2 June  both held in Berlin, have shown that Global Smart City concepts and Internet of Things (IoT) become increasingly attractive for many people, provoking intense discussions, conferences, meetings, publications, and events. There is a common understanding that urban areas are quickly changing along with the climate and more intelligent ways of its managing are necessary.

However looking beyond the buzz into practical solutions which are based on new smart technologies, the interplay between administrations, planning and deployment providers, and the upsides and shortfalls of new solutions is still fairly difficult for the most of the urban communities internationally.

As of 2016, the municipalities of middle and small size cities received new powerful ICT instruments improving successful implementation of Smart City projects: Smart City Monitor (http://smartcity, By enabling digital transformation, holistic vision of all urban processes in real time and providing rich set of customized information and control services to all stakeholders including the citizens, it becomes the instrument for experimenting with advanced Smart City solutions, digital economy and agenda, new business models and quick evaluation of results by every target group.

Smart City Monitor is offered for implementation of Smart City and Community pilots as a key component for the transparency of results, prototyping new local solutions in small steps and quick scale when its efficiency is proved, investments are justified and risks minimized.

Welcome to read about the problem and download detailed project proposals on the page:


‘Financing opportunities for Smart City projects’

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) hold its 2016 General Assembly on May 24 in Eindhoven. Our team also took the active part in this event. Many presentations, discussions, and thoughtful conversations have shown that the level of complexity and investments into Smart City projects requires sufficient funding and brings high risks.

At the same time city authorities and municipalities are not always aware of financial tools and proper channels to finance such projects. We met with specialists from European Investment Bank w ho provide us with details about financial opportunities and channels for the small and middle size municipalities. The resulting information is presented at the Smart City Monitor portal page:


The international workshop “Implementing Smart Cities and Towns in Central Europe” February 12, 2016, Vienna.

If you missed the event we have prepared the page with the highlights such as the practical examples on the downtown revitalization of Small Cities and Towns in Japan on the Cases of Furano City and Nagaoka City (see the presentation by  Professor Hisakazu Okamura from Asia University (AUI), Tokyo, Japan). And also there are interesting points in the presentations made by the representatives of the Cities Velenje, Slovenia; Valmiera, Latvia; and Rzeszów Poland. The full event report and presentations for download are available at the page:


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