How it works?







The Intelligent Digital Twin of Agro-Industrial Factory provides a holistic view of the factory's business and production processes. The system allows you to set up automatic, real-time quality monitoring of all processes and facilities using AI, as well as quickly identify problems and make recommendations for corrective actions.

It gives business owners and managers new tools to improve productivity, transparency, quality, resource efficiency and competitiveness of their business.

Many owners and managers of agro-industrial enterprises recognise the importance of digital solutions that allow them to quickly and easily assess the performance of the enterprise as a whole. This requires monitoring of all enterprise processes with automatic data collection and analysis in real time.

The Intelligent Digital Twin of Agro-Industrial Plant platform provides visibility into the processes that determine the sustainable performance of an industrial plant and promptly alerts management to deviations in real time and in future forecasts.

The new technology helps managers and employees to manage all production operations in a holistic manner with minimal time spent on control and monitoring, but with the ability to track the smallest details of processes as needed.