Service industries

The Pharos platform introduces new generation of Industry 4.0 technology supporting monitoring, analysis, benchmarking and management of enterprises and organizations in near real time. It has variety of application areas in service industries both in private and public sectors such as eCommerce and retail, hotels, restaurants, healthcare and medical services, financial services, energy and utilities, asset management, water supply, road maintenance, urban services, environmental control, education, etc.

This highly customizable solution addresses requirements by owners and specialists to present any business object and process of their interest. It allows connecting diverse in-house or external data sources, sensors and/or third party software applications. The ongoing processes for the whole enterprise as unique complex system and each of its departments, employees and machinery, customers and suppliers, products and services, sales and deliveries to customers can made effectively and easily managed in near real time.

The interactive instruments support formulation of customized key performance indicators, its targets, objects and its states. The change of local business processes is expressed in simple customized terms e.g. “Good”, “Normal”, “Bad”, etc accordingly to simple user rules, preferences and requirements.

The platform reveals the underlying causes of change between the states which took place recently or in the past and provides rich set of analytics about business performance. The management is notified about variety of relevant business events accordingly to own definitions and needs. The information is delivered directly to all mobiles and computer devices of the authorized employees and stakeholders and available at anyplace and anytime.


The solution fosters operational decisions, its efficiency, quality and sustainability which are increasingly important in the world of accelerating change and instability.

Run your sample enterprise object model in Pharos Navigator Monitor