There is accelerating Change everywhere: in knowledge, technologies, demand, supply, requirements, quality, environment, standards, climate, markets and many others aspects of our world. It is accompanied by growing Complexity and Smartification of Everything increasing the Uncertainty and impact Global and Local Sustainability. These powerful irreversible trends challenge the capacity of governments and managers to manage the Change, understand flow of events and processes, its content and impacts for businesses, families, environment and options in selecting right responses. 

The innovation technology Pharos Navigator® or PharosN introduces cutting-edge digital transformation tools assisting in Smart Management and Governance for various industrial applications and business enterprises which

  • Enable digital twins to transform complex processes into trustful information services to let effective monitoring and control providing simplicity and transparency and holistic vision
  • Provide interactive high level instruments for development and advancing of custom digital twins in manufacturing, urban and other application areas without need for programming saving time, resources and costs
  • Allow running the open enterprise twin models in cloud or at premises as digital twins linking physical and virtual worlds presented by various automated systems, IoT, mobile apps and databases
  • Support linking the twin models to necessary data streams from smart systems, IoT, sensors, SCADAs, ERPs, MES, databases,
  • Foster learning by experimenting and analyzing decision options and consequences

Specifically Pharos platform effectively supports realization of new ideas and developments toward Factories of Future and Industry 4.0 and Smart Farms which require  

  • Frequent modifications, improvements, advancing as easy and simple as possible
  • Personalised views to selected processes (interactive reports, dashboards, etc)
  • Enabling rich information services including AI-driven monitoring and control of processes, preemptive analytics, simulation of decisions based on evidence, learning
  • Transforming big data streams from various enterprise processes into effective simple holistic vision of results
  • Creating the basis for new business models and investments
  • Saving costs for the search of right solutions which are unique to each enterprise

The access to the PharosN service platforms, learning, applications and related business partnerships is available in the uniform self-managed mode after signing up. The services are available in trial mode and under fair subscription fees subject to Terms of Services and in accordance with Privacy Policy.