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The online demo presentation provides realistic example of the integrated platform application for a manufacturing enterprise. While made very simple in use, the dashboard, reports and mobile apps provide management and employees with rich information about ongoing business processes and daily results for effectively improving operational intelligence, performance, efficiency and sustainability. The intuitive and easy understandable interactive controls include

  • The link names of particular enterprise objects selected by a user for opening relevant detailed reports by a click.
  • The colour icons on the right column presenting current performance and sustainability status of the relevant object that on click open the widgets for analysis of object status change (daily).
  • The icons in the column "Images" providing optional pictures, diagrams, video or camera streams and/or maps/building plans or models/ images related to the object.
  • The icons presenting the shortcuts of customized target object groups of an user interest (e.g. customers, sales, orders, technologies, production, products, machinery, teams, people, robots, business results, current performance, quality by ISO standards, etc).
  • The icon “Navigate” for viewing the enterprise model structure, its objects, their properties, indicators, sensors, cameras, etc.
  • The menu item “Icon” switching views to objects from "TableView" to “Moble View” (mobile apps) and back as well as other customized menu items.
  • The Events list providing real time updates about ongoing events accordingly to user selection.

The user may switch from dashboard to mobile view and/or reports and map views and other reporting options by a click on the selected icon, menu item or object name. All settings in the real implementation of Smart Enterprise Monitor are customizable. Some functions of the enterprise platform are disabled in the demo version.

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How to run Smart Enterprise demo

How to run Smart Enterprise demo

The demo runs in major browsers Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari (IOS, Mac), Edge.

Allow popups for this site to view the widgets providing charts and graphs. Click the link

RUN SMART ENTERPRISE MONITOR presenting the Furniture factory in Europe

If your main browser does not run demo by some reason, you may need to install another browser as second one, then copy and paste the following link

Allow popups for this domain in browser settings for presentation of widgets with graphs and tables.

Welcome to review YouTube videos demonstrating main platform features by selecting the links offered in the lower left corner of the page as well.

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