Educational applications

Educational applications

New learning tools to link physical and virtual worlds and see how the target complex adaptive system functions in real time

There are fantastic novel opportunities in learning how to link physical and virtual worlds using your mobile computer device to see how the target complex adaptive system functions in real time.  PharosN digital services realize innovative, powerful and agile IoT IT platform for developing and running the models of various such complex cyber-physical systems to support its monitoring, management, analysis, control and simulation. After the implementation and linking to a large number of data sources and running on PharosN engine, the models automatically collects data from the both worlds and transforms it into various custom information services and controls for all those which need the vision of processes and results in real time.

The novel concept and its supporting platform provide fascinating educational opportunities fostering learning, research and development of novel concepts of smart everything, digital transformation  and sustainability of complex systems in knowledge intensive organizations such as universities, vocational training schools, productivity centers and professional schools. It allows professors, teachers and students simulating various objects and processes that take place in real world, analyzing its key properties applying AI-driven methods, formulating own indicators and metrics and models, using optional data sources from both physical and virtual worlds, dealing with the complexity of target objects and processes by it structuring, learning how to implement its smart management using key controls, evaluate system behavior, risks and options depending of changing assumptions.

PharosN services assist researcher and teaching staff and students in developing quick practical knowledge of novel concepts of digital transformation and AI-driven sustainability of large scale systems and IoT and its applications to daily operational practices, efficient business decisions, continuous improvement of it quality, control and compliance to international standards. The knowledge and practical tools would help to be prepared to the growing challenges of accelerating change and various impacts caused by conflicts, instabilities in economics, climate, environment and societies.

The PharosN underlying methodology, algorithms, technical implementation and customizable functionality have strong roots in system analysis and modeling, metrology and quality. It effectively supports compliance to the requirements of major national and international standards and in particular to recommendations described in sections related to process measurements, data collection procedures and presentation of information regarding the states of monitored processes and objects.

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