Running the engine

Running the engine

Installation and Initialization

The in-cloud PharosN engine is installed automatically and running immediately after the subscription. The in-house manual installation is simple and straightforward after downloading the software image. All platform components including sample enterprise application model and their further upgrading are implemented automatically without need for technical support. The authorized enterprise users can securely access applications at any time and from any place.

Special conditions 

The free trial period is available for prospective partners to obtain additional support and conditions enabling their capacity to offer own business content, value added development, support and advisory services to their customers and benefit financially.


PharosN platform components

The software components are Engine, Clients, Application Models and various add-ons.

PharosN runs open enterprise model having all its objects, collects and imports data from user defined sources, calculates indicator values related to each object and identifies its current state and then all other objects and KPIs including the whole enterprise. The results are stores in its database for further and predictive analytics and data mining to project sustainability change. The resulting events and real time updates are sent to all enterprise users having authorization and active sessions to monitor their specific objects and processes running relevant clients on mobile and stationary devices.

Power Client is software stack having various instruments for making and modifying the enterprise model. It is used by authorised enterprise specialists of business partners responsible for implementation and updating of the Enterprise model. Power Client runs under MS Windows 7/8/10 and Linux Ubuntu Desktop.

Light client software runs on various devices in some browser and in view only mode. It receives information from the PharosN engine and presents it to the authorised users in interactive web-type reports. The browser clients run on any device which has major types of browsers, etc). Local network of an organization (cable or Wi-Fi) or Internet or cellular is required for connecting Clients to the Server. In case of cloud server users need access to Internet only. 

Object models are PharosN applications having particular set of definitions enabling engine to collect data from specific data sources, calculate user defined object indicators in main and optional sub-objects and identify their current states and provide other custom digital transformation tasks for the enterprise users.

Add-on platform components provide extended functionality and specialized applications such as focused reports, dashboards, benchmarking, business analytics, corporate management, data mining, scenario simulation based on evidence data, risk assessment, etc. The list of optional components is periodically updated.