Member area

Member area

Becoming the Member of Portal

Each Portal Member has personal account and manages own activities with relevant set of tools, can make subscriptions for services, check its implementation, pay service subscription fees, have documentation regarding history of actions. 

The subscriptions for PharosN engine and components are made in relation to some Portal Organization which needs to be defined prior to ordering. Members can create and manage their own portal organizations, its members, engines and applications, invite others to join them and be invited.  

Accordingly to Privacy Policy all personal information is kept confidential and not shared with any other third party. The Portal does not have public directory of its members (see Privacy Policy and Terms of Services for details below).

Upon registration of prospective partners they can be provided with special conditions for services including free trials and support in developments of their own offers for extended period of time.

Member area

Member personal account, organizations, subscriptions, engines, components, messages related to your membership are considered private. The member account is available at any time and from any place providing you as follows:

  • Secure and authorized access
  • Service selection and subscribing (software, learning, certification, etc)
  • Automatic implementation of software services, upgrading and extension of subscriptions
  • Authorizing the engine installation and restoring backups of application data
  • Setting own portal organizations and its managing 
  • Publishing advertisements about own products and services, promoting own business opportunities
  • Making payments to organisation account deposit for service subscriptions
  • Accessing reports on financial transactions, invoices, subscriptions, etc.
  • Requesting and receiving by support team
  • Managing implementation of business activities related to your customers (available as Partnership option)
  • Promoting your business offerings to customers and partners   

We wish your exciting discoveries in exploring new business opportunities in digital transformation!