Smart Enterprise Monitor

Smart Enterprise Monitor

Solution for Smart Enterprises

Smart Enterprise Monitor provides developers, system integrators and organizations with complete advanced platform for implementation custom digital transformation solutions.

Based on the enterprise model as complex cyber-physical system it introduces next generation of powerful tools for managers and operators to control performance and sustainability in each and every detail. The smart information services include monitoring and analysis of any necessary business process and object as well as the holistic vision of business and its sustainability including simulation of major optional decisions about business structure, products, sales, and change in customer orders, optional responses and risks.



The simple sequence steps for the Smart Enterprise Monitor implementation includes as follows:

  • Subscribing for enterprise digital transformation engine in cloud or in-house and having it installed promptly
  • Installing client software on user devices for management and employees (notebooks, tablets, mobiles and PCs)
  • Having Smart Enterprise Monitor engine running the sample manufacturing model presenting typical business structure including Finance, Costs, Production and Products, Customers and Sales with 30 objects, 295 indicators and 167 data elements
  • Using sample operational data spreadsheets to provide example data; it can be easily replaced with same local data or imported from relevant databases
  • Playing with the enterprise model to learn how to adapt and customize it further to local structure of objects and processes, indicators and link to local data sources, IoT, and sensors, other automation and information systems

Smart Enterprise Monitor provides comprehensive data driven holistic monitoring and analytics of business operations enabling control of sustainability and right decisions in real time. It supports compliance with major international and national standards such as ISO 9000, 9001, 14000, 26000, 50001 and many others. Evidence data about results allows managers to simulate strategic business development options for in-depth analysis of decision results, planning of budgets, evaluation of risks and scenarios of response to changing business environment (markets, demand, supply, financing, etc).


Functionality of the solution

New digital transformation technology provides the following functionalities:

1. Monitoring and analysing organizational performance for any necessary object and process such as working cell, machine, equipment, conveyers, production floor, stock and other departments as well as the whole enterprise. 

2. Presenting current states of the whole enterprise and each of its objects accordingly to rules and definitions set by management (performance targets, organizational structure, selecting of indicators and objects of influence, comprehensive and complete definitions of business results, sustainability, etc)   

3. Planning and implementing all indicators and additional focus objects in existing structure of organization and plans of its change 

4. Data driven analytics of on-going performance results for the whole organization and each of its objects in every necessary detail based on real time calculations of each indicator and object

5. Notification about relevant events accordingly to calculated values for each indicator and relevant object states at any time 

7. In-depth drill down analysis of causes and dependencies which led to particular change of sustainability states e.g. changing from “Excellent” to “Deficient” 

8. Benchmarking of on-going results against evidence data or other branches or organizations (based on available data).


Data sources

Data required for running Smart Enterprise Monitor could be imported from databases or received from IoT, sensors or automated systems.  

Data updating periods are selected accordingly to physical process content and requirements by the management and operators (e.g. quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, each 3 hours, 1 hour, 10 min, etc). Each update causes the chains of recalculation in the enterprise model and identification changes in each of its objects.


Implementation options

Subscription for licenses allow one organization have several digital transformation engines installed in different departments and linked to the central HQ engine. 

The platform is available in English and some other languages. The list of supported languages is published in "Questions and Answers".