City's success story starts with Smart City Monitor

The Smart City Monitor is like a smart computer system for cities. It uses AI, Big Data, and IoT to help the city's leaders, administrations, utility providers, and citizens make life better. It makes sure the city is sustainable, efficient, and transparent in how it works and what it achieves.


City Score

Seeing the Whole City Without a well-managed City Score or a performance dashboard, it's hard to know how well a city is doing. The Smart City Monitor brings in a unified City Score dashboard for every city, whether it's small or big. This is a new, cost-effective, and customizable tool. It includes important local indicators, what the city is focusing on, and things that are especially important.


Your Window into Urban Performance

City Score is like a big dashboard that shows how well the city is doing. It uses data from many sources and turns it into numbers and status updates for different parts of the city. You can even check how the city is doing on your phone at any time. It shows how sustainable different parts of the city are, like its processes and developments. It also uses simple tools to analyze data.


Smart Things in a Smart City

Adjusting streetlights to be less bright at night when there's no one around to save energy. Measuring and controlling how much water is used, depending on local conditions. Keeping an eye on public transportation, like buses and trains, and changing their schedules based on how many people are using the