as Partner

The projects enabling digital transformation and economies in Smart Cities and Urban Communities as well as Smart Regional Governance are very complex by its nature. Its preparation and implementation requires collaboration between multiple parties and effective partnerships. The trends indicate stable growth of such projects in their quantity and budgets.

As providers of cutting-edge ICT/IoT platform Smart City Monitor, we welcome various partners to set and develop business collaboration in awareness promotion, planning, preparation, implementation, capacity building, training and marketing of such projects.

The consultants and planners assisting municipalities, real estate and assets management companies, utility providers, specialists and academics supporting relevant educational applications – all can strongly benefit from such innovative partnership.

We take into consideration the interests and contributions of all parties, including finance, planning, knowledge management, technological expertise, learning and training, local support, customer relations and confidentiality. 

Let us know about your ideas and projects in promoting and implementing Smart Sustainable Governance and Management projects!

Look into the rich list of optional Smart Applications in Smart City; these are only several examples of new technology possibilities!