Training workshops

Training workshops

What is the content?

The cool thing about Smart City Monitor is that its implementation fosters the cost-effective digital transformation of a common city into the Smart City. The workshops introduce audience with

  • Smart City model by ISO 37120 as an initial virtual copy of the real city running as its digital twin on the Smart City Engine. 
  • Connectivity of the digital twin to all necessary city data sources those are necessary to present ongoing urban processes.
  • Friendly real time online information services for citizens, tourists, visitors and businesses facilitating the improvement of Quality of Life, Economic growth and use of local city resources.
  • Various special applications assisting the city administration and utility service providers in smart sustainable and quality management.
  • Implementation steps of the Smart City Monitor platform and urban model by ISO 37120 in middle size cities and towns
  • Further gradually step-by-step upgrading of the city model to represent actual city infrastructure and novel information services and process controls.
  • New professional skills and qualifications and jobs introduced in the municipalities during the Smart City Monitor applications projects.

Awareness workshops

The workshops provide overview of the Smart City concepts, its current status, various implementations in Europe and worldwide, and introduce audience with the Smart City Monitor IoT platform as practical cost-effective solution for municipalities.

Each course participant receives the relevant certificate.