Outstanding functionalities

What are the main outstanding features of the Smart CIty Monitor platform compared to any other existing solution?

The Smart City Monitor is an AI-, Data- and IoT-driven software running in EU cloud as a dedicated service for a municipality.

Its main features and functionalities are as follows:

  • The core city model and necessary data are fully compliant with the requirements of the international standard ISO 37120
  • The initial ISO 37120 city model has the standard structure of city theme-objects where each theme-object has own standard set of indicators
  • The model is open and allows municipalities to add necessary city objects and their custom indicators which need to be presented for the municipality departments and various end users
  • Initial data sources can be prepared Excel files and periodically (e.g. monthly, weekly, or daily) updated by different departments or city organisations (utility providers, businesses, schools, university, healthcare centers, etc)
  • Some of the data sources can be further replaces or added by linking to the relevant systems (e.g. SCADA, Transportation management, various webs, etc.)  or IoT sensors, smart meters, detectors, vehicles, robotics, etc.
  • The data is prepared and stored in the municipality devices and systems and is collected by Smart City Monitor automatically via available Internet communication networks (the relevant authorisation applied)   
  • Smart City Monitor processes the raw data, calculated all necessary municipality indicators considering their planned targets (as defined by the administrations and city planners), calculates municipality operational status, evaluates sustainability, and identifies the causes of operational issues/problems     
  • End users are provided with interactive reports, holistic dashboard of selected city objects, city maps (GIS) representing the ongoing and predicted values, trends and sustainability statuses for each city theme-object and each of the indicators in charts and tables.
  • The end user access to information provided in the interactive dashboard, reports, maps, events, etc. is available via online web and mobile apps according to the data access rules and regulations set by the municipality administrations. The presentation of information to end users is customisable according to the user role and data access rights
  • Smart City Monitor generates personalised alarms and notifications in real time according with the events and results of the calculations of indicators and object statuses as well as provides various complimentary information channels including maps, video cameras, illustrations, pictures and relevant tools for the updating and maintaining the content
  • Some information and KPIs can be set for public access by citizens providing holistic information about the city processes in real time and as predictions for the future
  • The system software was developed applying major well established Open-Source Software components only.
  • The system can be managed by the IT department of the municipality with optional support by the technology provider company.

A brief introduction to the Smart City Monitor is presented in a YouTube video.