Fees and prices

The pricing model for Smart City Monitor is based on monthly or annual subscription fees (SaaS model) and includes a number of licenses related to the actual system scale and complexity as follows:

  1. Basic fee for Smart City Monitor engine(s)
  2. Add-on small fee for the Light Clients to access monitoring and analytics by the city stakeholders including citizens, administration, utility providers, local businesses to access the information and analytics
  3. Add-on fee for Power Clients enabling the administration of the city model as its digital twin and its updating to incorporate ongoing city infrastructure change
  4. Add-on fee for related to a number of data sources linked to the Smart City Monitor engine for automatic data import from various databases 
  5. Add-on fee for API used for data exchange with various automated systems (e.g. SCADAs, Accounting, Maintenance planning, etc) 

The fees are defined during the negotiations of the community requirements and innovation implementation stages taking into consideration as follows:    

  • The actual project objectives, stages, level of support required in its implementation 
  • How the project piloting and prototyping is planned by and for innovative forward looking urban communities and urban clusters   
  • What are the implementation steps and its practical, cost effective and low risk innovation introduced in multiple step-by-step stages

Taking ointo consideration the variety of regulations that exist in different countries for public and private entities the total license fee amonut is usually below the initial bidding level for the public procurement regulations. 

Inform us about your project and let’s discuss it in detail!