On-going urbanization makes cities the focal points for economies and societies, its share of resource consumption and emissions grows, and economies become knowledge intensive. Each urban areas is a unique composition of the architecture, geolocation, industries, energy and water sources, culture, economics, environment and transportation where large number of people live, move, work, learn and generate diverse flow of daily events. Its growing complexity, accelerating changes in everything including global climate tend to create unstable, unpredictable and volatile living environment.

Smooth, sustainable growth of cities, regions, islands requires effective governance, events and process transparency for citizens, better services by local businesses and involvement of the whole community.

While the smart urban future concept addresses many of these issues it has not yet achieved the level of maturity which allows risk-free and cost-effective universal solutions. Each community is unique and needs having its own customizable solutions selected by piloting and experimenting with the strategic innovations in urban technology..

The Smart City Monitor introduce innovative integrated urban information technology solution and rel time services for the local communities ensuring effective practical results in implementation of digital agenda, economy, sustainability, employment and social cohesion.

Its main features are as follows:

  • Enabling digital transformation of multiple big data streams from local urban processes into custom information and urban services in real time
  • Supporting daily operations for the community, administrations and utility providers with rich set of diverse monitoring, analytics and citizen related services
  • Introducing online intelligent real time mobile applications for citizens, tourists, local businesses 
  • Offering new options for controlling the city processes by optimizing use of resources and effective adaptation to change, enabling preditive mainenance
  • Providing instruments for the development of the comprehensive changeable model of unique urban area in compliance to international standards (ISO 37120, etc)
  • Piloting and experimenting in the strategic innovation, new business models for the local community, local businesses, public and private organizations with minimum investments and risks.

The Smart City Monitor is implemented on the city server or multiple interconnected servers in the districts running relevant district models. It is managed by Smart City Team in the city or cluster of cities consisting of interdisciplinary group of local specialists in urban development and planning.

The provider offers the Smart City Monitor platform as the Service (SaaS model) along with optional kick off Smart urban future project implementation and continuous support to City Administrations. The specific additional agreements may be stipulated upon the inquiries.

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