New opportunities for local businesses

New opportunities for local businesses

The Smart City Monitor solution opens the variety of innovative business opportunities for city service providers. It includes

- Direct presentation of actual information about business performance and events on city dashboards and map for citizens, visitors, tourists and other customers who are interested in real-time access to the services

- Increased possibilities to promote own business by online search and not only service tags, descriptions, locations but various real time events and operational results 

- Additional channels to increase sales by providing actual operational status online along with real time key performance data for customers 

- Revealing evidence information about quality of services confirmed by the city administration and its agencies and by customer ranking offering competitive advantage

- Keeping real time contact with customers interested in knowing about developments and performance results

- Improving feedback options by customers fostering continuous improvements and adaptation to changing demand

- Contributing to Quality of Life in the community, its policies, interests and projects 


Providing quantitative real time data to be presented at Smart City Monitor

The Smart City Monitor has multiple options for receiving and presenting necessary real time information from businesses and enterprises as follows:

  • Connecting to local sensors and IoT
  • Setting automatic data import procedures for selected data from enterprise performance management systems and databases
  • Connecting to existing automated systems e.g. SCADA (energy, water, waste, environment, traffic, etc).

The data content and its presentation are defined by the agreements between City administrations and business service providers. The technical implementation is realized by linking of Smart City Monitor to local enterprise information sources and presentation options of relevant online information by reports, widgets, search, mobile apps and other web tools including maps.

The use of Smart Enterprise Monitor as provider of such data fosters rich real time custom information that is easy to implement. The example of Smart Enterprise is presented in Smart Enterprise section of the portal. 


What information can be presented by organizations on Smart City map and dashboards?

The performance information presented by service providers on the city maps and various mobile apps is customized and can include rich illustrations, data, texts, pictures and video streams e.g. by video cameras. 

It may include any detail required by a service provider or by local community policies and presenting actual service quantitative measures and content.


New business models 

The novel digital transformation options offer municipalities and local service providers new business models that may include for example. 

  • Managing own service operational status to be revealed and promoted online in real time 
  • Presenting particular performance and quality information online
  • Publishing events about performance and products and services for city subscribers 
  • Contributing to city projects and developments relevant public acknowledgements and funding
  • Having direct links to own web sites and information services.

The open city model allows quick customisation and updating to adapt to local business requirements in the community.