Smart Solutions for Smarter Business

See everything that's happening in your business quickly, without wasting time. It gives you detailed and clear answers in real-time, no matter where you are and whether you're using a computer or a mobile device. Make your business smarter and more sustainable.


The unique digital blueprint of your business

The virtual copy of the factory is unique to each business. It's like a combination of people, machines, products, and customers that make that business special. This virtual copy talks to other systems and people in real-time and can even control things when needed.


Turning vision into reality with PharosN

The PharosN platform helps bring this vision to life. It provides tools to create custom models of how the factory works. These models are like a virtual copy of the real factory and can be stored in the cloud or on the factory's computers. They link to all sorts of data sources and show what's happening in real-time. This helps manage the factory and make decisions quickly and effectively.


Comprehensive insight through platform integration

The cool thing about the Smart City Monitor is that it can help transform regular cities into smart cities step by step, without costing too much. It takes all the data from the city and turns it into easy-to-understand information that helps everyone who lives or works in the city, as well as tourists and businesses.